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Cloudy wheat beer tips

I will be brewing a wheat beer later in the year and I know about the proper yeast leaving the beer cloudy.
What other steps can I use to cloud up a wheat beer? A little wheat flour in the mash maybe?
I read somewhere dry hopping adds a bit of haze.
I also read in Stan Hieronymus’s book Brewing with Wheat that a smaller percentage of malted wheat (20%) wiill stay cloudy longer. Has anyone tried comparing 20% wheat with 50%?

If you bottle condition just swirl the bottle during the last 1/3 of your pour. Should get your beer sufficiently cloudy.

I don’t see where a lower % of wheat would cause a more cloudy beer.

I have not brewed one, but have read where adding a tablespoon of flower to the boil will create a permanent haze.

Could flaked oats help? I just did a beer with flaked oats and flaked barley, 1# each. I’ve never seen a cloudier beer.

I wouldn’t worry about adding something to make it cloudy, unless you want to disguise it to get some points on style. If it tastes good, that’s what counts. My most recent wheat is as clear as day, and it tastes great.

I need to reread the book, but the author said a 50/50 mix dropped clear quicker than a smaller % of wheat.

Disguise is a bit strong. I’m just looking for ideas on how to maintain the cloudyness as long as possible. Presentation counts.

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