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Cloudy IPA

Did my first IPA. Built the extract from the IPA that NP has discontinued. Kept it in the primary
for 3 weeks and the secondary for 4 weeks to clear it up. Before I bottled it I added Super Kleer
and waited 3 days before I bottled it. Let it sit in the bottles for another 2 weeks before I opened
the first one.
Everything turned out fine except the beer is not clear. It is cloudier then any beer I have made so far…
You can see light on the other side but it looks hazy as anything.
Did I do something wrong or is this normal for an IPA? I have never had a beer come out this way.
Also I just started the hobby last October and still learning.

A couple questions and thoughts…

  1. Did you dry hop? If you did, that’s definitely a major contributor.

  2. What type of yeast did you use? If it was a low flocculation yeast, that’s also a big contributor.

  3. Any change in process items - boil, cooling of the wort? That could also big a factor.

I, like you, also look at beer clarity as a factor. If called by style, I like the beer to be clear. However, my brewing friends have stressed that clarity is only a cosmetic thing. Important, but very secondary to taste. If you enjoyed it, you were successful.

I defer to the experts on the forum. Good luck!

I did not dry hop.

The yeast I used was Danstar BRY-97. The instructions called for Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale but I thought I would try this type.

And I did not change the method which I have used in the past as to brewing it.

As of yet, I have always had pretty clear beer. This is the first time.

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