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Cloudy bottles after refrigeration

Last night I was putting my cream ale in the fridge and noticed really clean bottles. This morning I notice they were cloudy. They’ve been in a closet for about a month and I’ve tasted them a while back and liked it but wanted to save them for a special occasion next week. I think it’s odd that they would cloud up like this. I wiped the bottles to see if it was outside the bottle but it’s not its in the bottles. Any input from the forum? I should mention I’ve learned so much from you guys and enjoy coming here and reading everything about my new favorite hobby.Thanks in advance, Thom

The…dreaded…protein haze. AHHHHGGGG!!!

Who cares it’ll taste great. If you want to minimize this you might use Irish moss or a similar product in the last 15min of the boil. And even then I sometimes get this.

It could be simple chill haze- allow one to warm up (either in the bottle if you can see well enough or in a clean glass). If it goes away, then it is chill haze. If it tastes good, relax, don’t worry, etc… If it persists and tastes bad, it could be a infection. I doubt it, though.

Does this go away when you warm? I’d have thought that once protein drops out, it stays out. Eventually the beer will settle and clear but it can take a really long time.

Well, I don’t pretend to know the science behind it, but I have had lighter beers that clouded up on chilling and they have cleared up slightly as they warmed in the glass (provided you can wait out the process). I keg, however, so it could be that it becomes less noticeable as the keg sits over time…ahem - totally from recall at this point, which may itself be a little clouded!


Beer causes brain haze.

Yup, I’m with everyone else, sounds like chill haze to me. Its largely a cosmetic problem. I have read that the same compounds that cause chill haze can negatively impact the long term stability of the beer, but this is only a problem if you’re planning on extended aging. So the solution is easy: drink it. :slight_smile:

It’s chill haze and it can be avoided in the future. But, it’s a common flaw in beers. I find Stone IPA to even have a bit of chill haze to it.

Simple solution - serve in opaque glasses or plastic cups.

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