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Cloudy beer

In the last 15 min of the boil I added whirlfloc tab then ferment
For 4 weeks then racked to keg put in fridge 3 days 2 days at 30
Psi then down to 8 psi for pouring. The beer came out very cloudy
Should I have cold crash the fermented beer before racking into
Keg so that it would clarify before kegging. Thanks

You could if you wanted.

The beer will clear in the keg. The 1st pour for the next few days may be cloudy. As the yeast/sediment that will form around the dip tube is removed. You can either dump the 1st half glass. Or let it sit for a couple minutes to clear.

As always, the 2nd to last beer of the keg will be the clearest.

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