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Cloudy beer?

Just brewed some NB Specked Heiffer. Tasted great, but was cloudier than I expected. This was my first partial mash. Is that the cause?

Could be. You’ll definitely get more break material in the beer with more grains in the process.

I bet it will clear up if you let it sit for a while, especially if you chill the bottles for a couple of days before drinking.

What kind of yeast did you use? This can make a big difference as well.

Whirlfloc tablets are a great help when trying to achieve clearer beer. One tablet per 10 gallons for the last five minutes of the boil.

+1 you can use a full one in a 5 gallon batch but half works just as well. I also am a fan of chilling method. it works great in my kegs & bottles.

I brewed a 10 gallon all grain batch of a modified Speckled H. Split the batch and fermented each in buckets. Batch 1 went straight to keg after 3 weeks and has been very cloudy. Just today I poured a mug I would call somewhat clear. Been cold in the keg for 6-8 weeks.

Very strange. Second half of the batch was secondaried for 3 weeks and seems much clearer.

FWIW the beer this is supposed to emulate is a cloudy beer. With that being said I have brewed this and it never fails to clear, even though I don’t want it to!

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