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Cloudy ale

I’ve brewed about 4 batches of ale as a beginner can someone tell me why the beer comes out cloudy, could it be fermentation temps, i’ve used irish moss as a clarifing but still same results


How long has it been in the bottle and cold?

How long did you let it ferment. If you rush it the yeast have finished fermenting but are still working. It will get cleaner in both clarity and flavor if you leave it a little longer. Primary for 3-4 weeks then bottle. Also, if you let the bottles condition 3 weeks or longer they will get less cloudy as the sediment and yeast settle to the bottom.

if it’s clear while it’s at room temperature, but gets cloudy when you put it in the fridge it’s probably “chill haze”. It’s basically proteins precipitating in the beer when the temp changes…the good thing is that it doesn’t affect taste at all, but should go away after a few weeks in the fridge.

I did primary 3-4 days until Krausen had dropped then secondary for 10 days. when there was no sign of fermentation then bottled. sat in basement at 64 degrees for 4 weeks then chilled for a few day in fridge. thanks for your help!

This is why your beer is cloudy.

3~4 days is not enough time for a primary. I suggest 3 ~ 4 WEEKS and skip the secondary all together.

Be careful when racking and you won’t get that much yeast in the bottling bucket.

Your beer will benefit from sitting longer on the yeast cake. It is still finishing up even though YOU may not see any signs of ACTIVE fermentation. The yeasties are still doing things that we mortals can’t see. :lol:

Brew more and learn to be patient. It’s hard , especially in the beginning, but it will be well worth it.

Have Fun & Good Luck.

Ok Duder I will try this, and I thank you for your help. As a Beginner I was doing what I have read in Charlie Papazian’s brew book about secondary fermentation, and followed it,but I have read online also where secondary is not necessary. I also do Primary in a plastic bucket. I am Brewing A Belgium Grand Cru this weekend I’ll follow your tips, THANKS!!!

3-4 days is way too early…usually mine still has signs of active fermentation 5-6 days out if you’re controlling the temperature correctly.

Leave it in the primary for at least 2-3 weeks, as the yeast will still be re-absorbing diacetyl left over from fermentation. This will also allow the yeast/hop trub, ect to drop out to the bottom thus clearing up the beer.


By giving it a nice, long primary you kind of don’t need the secondary. The primary is doing double duty. I’ll even dry hop in the primary. Hops in a weighted muslin bag, with fantastic results. I’ll give it 7~10 days after 3 weeks for a total time of 4 weeks, thereabouts.

I still do all of my primary fermentation in plastic buckets. Too easy, cheap and SAFE not too.

Low to mid 60’s F will be very helpful if you can maintain for fermentation for most ales.

It’s a continuing process.


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