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Clone Recipe - Hazy IPA

So I stopped by a local brewery today and had what they called a Hazy IPA. It was a very good beer even with a hoppy IBU in the 60’s. I spoke with one of the brewers and he gave me the basic recipe;

2 Row Pale Malt (95%)
Melanoidin (5%)

Simcoe Hops FWH (60 mins boil)
Columbus Hops (15 mins boil)
Amarillo Hops (Dry)

Not sure of which yeast to use. I was thinking re-using some of the Hothead I plan on harvesting.


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Hazy IPA generally have unmalted wheat in them to give it the hazy. 2 Row Pale Malt and Melanoidin will not make a hazy beer. When i make mine i use 2 row pale, unmalted wheat and flaked oatsand sometimes a little munich This makes a nice hazy ipa and the flaked oats gives it a soft mouth feel. Best addition for hops is at bitter 60 minutes and a flavor at 30 the aroma 15 minute and whirlpool for 20 minutes and dry hop after primary fermentation

Here is a picture of mine


I should have taken a picture. It really wasn’t that hazy, but that’s what they called it. It had a nice amber color which I found odd for an IPA.

You can also get plenty of haze of the “juice” variety with only late hops additions. These terms are interchangeable these days.

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Melanoidin gives a nice red color and body to a beer. We use it in a couple of ours. For our hazy NEIPA we use white wheat and flakes oats to achieve the haze and smooth mouthfeel. No melanoidin though. We bitter at 60 and then do additions at 10, FO, and WP if I remember correctly. Ours looks like this


Now thats flippin’ hazy! I hear the local brewer messing with pH to get more added haze to… Damien? Sneezles61

If your Wort has a ph of 5.2 the proteins will bind and settle out during the boil. Not all of it unmalted wheat is so high in protein that a large amount is left behind making it hazy. Making wort above 5.2 or below the proteins are some what resistant to settling out during the boil. Making them more hazy. Some lactic acids and lactobacillus bacteria can create haziness as a by product.

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