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Clone ideas?

So I don’t know if this belongs in this thread or the commercial, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to clone Arrogant Bastard before? if so, what yeast strain do you think would work best? Califonia ale?

Maybe some one who has could post the recipe they used, or any of you more experienced brewers could offer some suggestions?

Thanks guys.

The best yeast to clone any of the hoppy stone beers is WLP007 or WYeast 1098.

+1 to WLP007. There’s a good thread on this forum with a spot-on recipe.

Thanks, the recipe I found online looks pretty similar as well, with a few subtle differences. I was thinking of toning back the aromatics a little an upping the caramunich. It’s one of my favorite ales and I love to have a batch going.

I entered it into the calc on and all the numbers look about right.

I found a new book at the library by the guys at Stone, most of their home brew recipes call for 007.

I read that same book, from my library. I was fairly unimpressed with the writing. And the recipes they give, although perhaps accurate, are written in a strange format. Not your typical homebrew recipe. Anyway, I copied the few recipes I was interested in and returned the book.

It was annoying to read long passages from the main Stone guy (Koch?) - but it was somewhat interesting to hear the story of how they got started. I was impressed with the info about the building of the big Stone bistro.

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