I have just brewed my first batch of caribou slobber. Fermenting was great for appx 2-3 days. My temp in my basement dropped to 55 degrees so I placed a carboy heater around the carboy. The fermentation then again started. The OG readings were fine but when I placed the beer into the secondary it seems like the clearing process had stopped. The caribou slobber looks two toned in my secondary. Appx 4 " down it is a nice dark brown color. From there down it is a carmel cloudy color. The line does not seem to be moving down any lower. Any suggestions how I can clear the remaining beer.

It will eventually clear. The process will speed up if you can drop the temp to 32°.

Thanks for the info, Presently the basement temp is 58 degrees.

Are you sure it’s reached terminal gravity? Might be a good idea to warm your beer to finish it up then drop the temps.

How many days since pitching?