Clearing Question

So my wine was sitting in a carboy for about 6 weeks before bottling. When I went to bottle, I tasted it and it tasted pretty good. My buddy thought it might taste slightly similiar to a wine cooler. So I decided to stir it. Then I bottled it. I opened my first bottle after 2 weeks of letting wine sit. It is murky and looks like it did before it cleared…so is this ruined or what?

What were you trying to accomplish by stiring it again and bottling cloudy? At this point your best bet is going to be letting it sit long enough to clear again and trying not to disturb the sediment when pouring. Some might recommend trying to re-bottle at the risk of oxidation.

Tough choice here. I always hate rebottling because some level of oxidation will occur… But in this case it is likely your best bet. The wine is still young and resiliant, and the pain all that bottle sediment is going to cause you down the road is going to be more annoying than anything.

Pour out the wine into a carboy. Let it sit a few days until clear. Rebottle.

In future make sure the wine is perfectly still before bottling. In this case you should have waited a few days to a week after stirring it up. That sedimant had already fallen out of suspention so it would not have taken long to reclear.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I always tend to rack 2-3 extra times before bottling to prevent even the smallest amout of sediment kicking up at bottling.