Clearing out beersmith to factory settings

Is there any way to wipe out beersmith or do I have to uninstall it and reinstall it to clear any added data and changes to the settings?

I have never used it but Beersmith’s site says this about where the data is stored “BeerSmith 2 stores all of your data under the Documents/BeerSmith2 directory by default for easy backup.”

You could take a look at the files in that folder to see if there are any executable files or system files. If not select all, cut and paste them into a new folder named something else. That way if things go wrong you can put them back. I’m not sure it will work for settings as they may be stored in the program file.

They also have a contact on the site. Might be able to ask them.

There is a BeerSmith2 folder in your documents folder that may contain all your “customization” but there is no way to know if deleting those clears everything or not.

I quickly scanned all the options and settings and didn’t see anything that would allow you to reset it. I assume doing a clean uninstall/reinstall should take care of it.

Also, I’ve not spent any time on their forums but the owner Brad Smith seems to be pretty involved so he may chime in on the BS forums with some info.

Beersmith comes with 2 licenses and I was worried about a fresh install. I know some software sites let you check your activated licenses and release the old ones but I don’t think you can on Beersmith. I ended up just uninstalling and installing to have a fresh slate. Thanks for the help. I think it checks the licenses key when updating them.