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Clearing Fruit Extract Haze

I recently brewed a Magic Hat #9 clone. This is my 2nd attempt at this recipe so I picked up some bio fine. I added 2 tsp of it and racked on top ( added apricot puree a cpl days into primary).

Its been 2 days since I added bio fine and its still pretty cloudy. Most of what I read about BF states it will pull stuff out fairly quick. Is there something else I should be doing, like exercising patience?

You can use pectinase (pectic enzyme) when you add the fruit. It will break the fruit pectin down and clear the beer. It’s used in winemaking a lot, but works well with fruit in beer as well. Probably not too late to try it in your brew. NB carries it.


Pectic enzyme works best in water, not beer/wine. In winemaking you add it up fron to the fruit to break down pectin before you ferment. I don’t know that it’d do much at this point. I’d give the fining longer to clear, sometimes it can be really slow to drop. Its also possible that it won’t work, a fining has to have an affinity for the stuff to be dropped out. If the cloudy stuff isn’t electrically charged, or has the same charge as the fining, nothing much happens.

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