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Clearing a batch with WLP566

Hi All,

I’m making a homespun recipe this weekend, a Red Saison. Because I am looking to gain the brilliance of a red ale, I anticipate filtering/clearing this batch. I’m assuming 566 is almost similar to 565 and with that thought, most DuPont’s/Saison’s are cloudy so we can enjoy all that special yeasty goodness. So my question is, if I clear this beer, will I lose all that wonderful DuPont’iness? Thoughts? Critiques? Jabs? Love?

Thanks, Mike

Proteins and dissolved yeast are usually what make a beer cloudy, but the flavors we (or most sane people) like in Saison Dupont/saisons in general are from phenolics and esters, both of which are produced during fermentation and remain in solution despite whether the yeast/protein particles are dropped out.

In short, I don’t think clarification steps (crashing/gelatin) would dissipate perception of those compounds to any perceivable degree. I also like the sounds of your recipe, sounds like a good idea…here’s hoping you can dry it out with the red specialty malts… :mrgreen:

Also, FWIW 566 seems to have much of the same flavor characteristics of 565/dupont, but isn’t a GIANT PIA TO WORK WITH…I’ve actually heard that 566 is a blend of dupont and a neutral ale strain (to assist in attenuation). Great yeast, you should love it. Not sure if I prefer that or 3711 French Saison (though I have used both).

BTW had saison du point ‘dryhop cuvee’ this weekend ON DRAFT at Bulldog in NE MPLS. Sweet God.

Pietro, thank you for the input. My design incorporates 120 and Special B to achieve the color and is super loosely based on Brother Ken’s HRR. By my adding sugar and keeping my mash at 152 I hope to keep the beer dry (enough). It’s purely experimental and the 3rd batch of delicious Saison I’ve brewed this summer. Looking forward to seeing how 566 ferments.

The cuvee dry hop is fantastic. I’ve also been enjoying Moinette. I have to say that is a masterpiece. Not a total Saison but more of a Golden Ale IMHO, I can’t get enough. Have you ever tried Dupont’s Avec le Bons Veux? Also insane!!! ... ons-voeux/

Yes I have! Great stuff. I love that up until a few years ago, that brewery was loading cases of 750ml’s into the family station wagon to ‘ship and distribute’ beer! I do agree that Cuvee is a bit more on the Belgian Blonde side, but I love the dryness and the fruit up front.

Had you considered mashing even lower? I typically mash my saisons at 148 to really dry them out(as does Jamil, and I think as recommended in Farmhouse Ales)

148 sorta scares me. Complete conversion? That should help offset the caramels huh…

Oh, God ya. I make a blonde ale/faux pilsner with all Saaz that I mash down there. Maybe just lengthen the sacc rest to 75 minutes or so, or do an iodophor test if you’re worried about it, but I’m left with a more fermentable wort I feel at that temp.

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