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Cleanup Question

Hey everyone

When you are done putting the wort into the fermenter how do you go about cleaning up? Cleaning the kettle, wort chiller etc. I got a pack of oxygen wash with my recipe kit but I don’t know if I use this now or use it to clean up the fermenter? Do I just use dish soap? I don’t want all this laying around without getting it cleaned

Thanks for the help !

your boil kettle can be cleaned with a scrubby and hot water but the fermenter is where you use the oxy clean on after your beer is done. the wort chiller can be washed off and then soaked in the oxy clean over night so it will be ready for next time. oxy clean will brake down the hard to get to organics that are in hard to get to places and will clean plastics like buckets that you do not want to scrub and make scratches where bugs can live. ( bugs meaning bacteria ).

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