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Cleanup isle 6

60lbs grain for Stout √
Real big starter √
Aerate a long time √
Blow off hose X
Mop & bucket √

Epic! Volcanic Rock Beer.

Oof. Good color though :smiley:

Room temp fermentation?

1+ I wonder if this would work for my kid’s science fair project. Just like every other kid, he wants to make a volcano! Screw the vinegar & Baking Soda.

is it wrong of me to want to lick the foam?

We’ll never know. The guzz is covering the up the fermometer.
Man, that is airlock abuse. Look at that poor thing,
They’ll hold a few tablespoons of vodka, not 400 billion yeast cells :cheers:

Window air conditioner is best I can do for summer. It blows on the conical so I can keep it in the low 70s. Not bad considering it has been almost 90 outside.

Actually I don’t find that much of an off flavor with somewhat warm fermentation in most ales. I figure it is better than no homebrew. It would be nice to have a walk in cooler though.

I could only laugh and clean it up when I discovered it. Used an aquarium pump instead of an O2 tank for the first time and forgot it was in there. It foamed over the first time because of that. So I have only had to clean it up about four times. My next project is to make a bigger hole in the lid so a better blow off tube can be installed. Right now it is just a grommet like you would use in a plastic bucket so I can’t get much of a hose in it. I built the thing about ten years ago for about 1/3 the cost of buying one so it was less expensive but I have no one else to blame for design flaws. Conicals sure are a nice way to brew. That is only half of the batch BTW. Ten more gallons are in 2 6.5 gallon glass carboys. They had enough head space to not make a mess.

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