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Cleaning up the cider

Hello all:

The 5-gal batch of cider fermented from 1.040 to 1.000 in 4 days at 67-72 degrees after pitching Brewers Best Ciderhouse yeast (800 ml starter and O2 added to the must). After that very active fermentation and having reached a stable SG a couple of days ago, my plan is to rack to a secondary carboy for clarification, maybe adding some fining agent.

But, the cider still has a strong sulfur smell. I know from past experiences that this will dissipate over time, but will it go faster if the cider stays on the primary fermentation trub (like a beer yeast cleaning up diacetyl) or will it clean-up faster off that trub in a secondary. Or does it matter at all?

It won’t matter if you leave it on the yeast or not. Sulfur typically takes about 3 weeks to clear, and then it’s gone forever.

I would go ahead and rack as you have planned, and probably fine the cider with gelatin which will knock out the yeast in 24-48 hours. Then, allow the cider to condition for another good 2-3 weeks before bottling. No need to rush things. Otherwise you might get bottle bombs or gushers, and you don’t need that.

Excellent. I’ll rack it over the secondary this weekend and fine it. I’m going to keg this one but I’ll give it a few weeks to condition before transferring it again.

Thanks, dmtaylo2. :cheers:

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