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Cleaning sanke keg s

Some one gave me a couple of commercial kegs. Actually they are full of beer. One of Maine brewings peeper ale and one is Unitas hop nosh. After I empty them I want to refill them. I’ll probably just push beer from a corny but to clean them any ideas. Hate to waste co2. Would rather just blow hot water through.

Can’t you just remove/disassemble the valve and put in hot water/PBW and let it soak?

Why not just pull the clip ring on the top where the tapper goes, and pull the guts, do your cleaning, put your beer in then re-assemble? Or find a tap to sacrifice for the attatchment to the keg and rig up a way to sanitize and fill through that… Sneezles61

Sure I could but I plan on pushing beer into it from a corny bright tank and then just rinse it out after a couple uses. They don’t open them to clean them at the brewery they just blow steam water through them I was thinking of doing something like that.

I can scrrw a fitting on the inlet and starch my siphon to fill also screw off the co2 valve. So filling is no problem. I just figured if I fill it with brightens beer there would be no sediment to clean out. I’ve pushed to uncleaned kegs before. If a 5 gallon is needed I’ll push to a three gallon without cleaning it and have good success. After I open it after a couple uses its clean no sediment that was left behind.

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If it’s sanitized prior to the first fill and kept sealed…I’d clean it the same way I clean my beer lines…push more beer through it!

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I suppose it IS sealed and hopefully full of CO2… Not the hand pumps that use the air we breathe to pressurize… I just have to clean stuff… I’m not squeamish, just a bit anal… Sneezles61

They are full of beer except one which I will ope and clean before using.

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I agree with just pull the snap ring out and rinse with boiling water. Then pour in boiling water and tap with a hand pump tap to run the hot water out the dip tube (you do not have to put the ring in yet, just hold it down while you pump). Then fill the keg (water for me) and ready to serve (wait a week for water and it will start to carbonate.)

When putting the snap ring back in, do it so it ends at the slot. Hard to explain, but you want to be able to take a small screwdriver to pry it out next time. So line your start up just after the slot and push it in. You will need plyers to kinda crush it in as you go. Be sure it’s all the way in.



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