Cleaning question

Ok so I’m a new brewer that has worked for the evil empire of cleaning chemicals. Those of you in St. Paul probably know my meaning. Anyway I never really had to deal much with granite and my kitchen is full of it. Now I know starsan is the brewers go to sanitizer but I’m hesitant to use it having the granite counter tops and I don’t care for the powdered sanitizers and iodine stains. So my question is this has anyone used Oasis 146, j-512, or any other quat based sanitizers for brewing? I would assume it would work fine if I let everything air dry before use.

Besides having dyes do they also have fragrances added?

Didn’t think of that… Quats are dyed and most have a fragrance added. I’ll just have to stick with easy clean.

I know the argument, but I would not trust Easy Clean as a sanitizer.

I’ve never used them in brewing, but I’ve read that quats are foam killers. There is no doubt that they can be effective antiseptics.

There should be no issues with the diluted StarSan Solution on any counter top. I routinely spray the counter top with StarSan after preparing meals.

An email/phone call to 5 Star should ease your concerns.

ETA: StarSan is a sanitizer, not a cleaner. Cleaning: PBW/Oxi clean if it is a closed container. Open containers use a fragrant free dish soap.

Cool deal, ill start using starsan. Thought an oxi sanitizer was a little strange to begin with, though in 5 batches I have yet to have an infected batch. Though I have just been doing 1 gal batches. I have 5 gal equipment on the way and wanted to figure this out before trying a larger batch. Thanks all for your input.