Cleaning new bottles

I’m about to bottle my first one gallon batch tomorrow. I have a new 24 pack of bottles from Northern Brewer. Do I need to clean and sanitize the bottles or just sanitize the bottles before filling them? Thanks in advance for the help!

You’re talking 10 bottles. I would soak them in PBW or oxyclean free. Then sanitize them before filling.

I always put bottles in boiling water before beer!!

I have a confession, I only sanitize new bottles before filling with beer. For mixed fermentations, I don’t even sanitize…

For 10 or so bottles, soaking in a bucket of oxy-clean is cheap insurance, though. But not really necessary. They’re clean.

FYI… commercial breweries usually don’t clean their bottles, just sanitize. Nothing alive grows on glass as long as they stay clean and dry.

No thermal shock concerns? I’ve seen too many neck cracks in my day to try big temp swings…

Oh man, have you seen the mold that grew in those incompletely rinsed bottles you sometimes get back from “friends”?
But now that I’m finished being snarky, the bottles you just bought from NB are new and clean, not reused. So, I would just sanitize.

I hear ya, bro… operative phrase, clean and dry. :laughing:

I don’t accept empty bottles full of bottle snot. Only clean relabeled bottles get credit for exchange for full bottles.

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Do you suspect that why returnables went to the road side? Full of… SNOT. Sneezles61