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Cleaning kegs and O-rings

I am new to kegging, and need some advice on cleaning techniques.

When my first keg kicked, I washed everything,using oxyclean, rinsed with water and finally with star san. I cleaned the lines by running all of these fluids through them, but did not take apart the lines or the keg posts or the picnic tap.

Is it necessary to take apart posts, poppet valves, hoses and picnic tap or is my method sufficient?

I used keg lube to get a good seal on the lid.

The keg lube seems impossible to get completely off the o-ring. I washed it ( oxyclean ) tried wiping it off with paper towel,rinsed and star sanned it. I could still feel some lube on the ring, so repeated all the cleaning steps twice more. I would say the ring was still not squeeky clean as I could still feel a film of lube, but I did the best I could, re-lubed the ring and used it on the next batch.

Is that clean enough for the o-ring or is there a better way to get the ring squeeky clean?

Thanks for the help.

You don’t need to break kegs down every time, but I do because it’s easy and I’m never pressed for time. I like to run a dip tube brush through my liquid dip tube. Running oxiclean or beer line cleaner through them should work well enough for most cases though. The only time you might want to consider tearing them down is after a hoppy beer where you think you might’ve gotten some hop matter into the keg. You don’t want those hop particles in your poppets. I usually only break down the liquid side and don’t worry about the gas side, beer never touches that.

As far as keg lube on o-rings, dish soap should take it off, it usually works for me.

After a keg kicks I rinse it including lid and o-ring with hot water, dip the lid and o-ring in starsan, put a quart or 2 of star san in the keg and push it out through the tap with CO2, rack in the next beer and move on.

After 3-4 batches per keg I’ll disassemble the posts and tubes and give everything a soak in PBW, then push some out through the tap to clean the beer line.

Best way to keep those lines clean is to keep the beer flowing! :wink:

I follow a similar cleaning procedure, but I also turn the keg up-side-down and run some Star San out the gas post (and usually onto my shoes).

I used to break down every freshly emptied keg and clean the lines. Now I only do these things periodically. Not saying that’s best practice. It’s just what I do.

A couple cheap and easy DIY builds to simplify keg/line maintenance: ... inser.html. ... latingblc/

That keg rinser is a bit of genius. Putting one together tonight!

It really is. I was surprised how great it works and for so little money.

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