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Cleaning keg after an infection

I had a beer kegged that i dumped due to infection. I broke it down, soaked everyhting in PBW over night and rinsed out.

Today i just went to sanitize the keg and when i popped the top, i still get a pretty good whiff of the previous infected beer.

will a star san soak be enough? should i replace my o rings too? I dont want another bad beer on my hands


Replacing the o-rings is cheap insurance.

My guess is that will take care of the odor also.

You may want to find a way to do a fully submerged soak if you have not done that. Just filling it up does not soak the top of the keg.

I flip the keg over to get the top part

I’d think a soak in PBW overnight should do it.

HOT (nearly boiling) water is cheap insurance. be careful

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