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Cleaning Blowoff

Anyone had any luck getting the stains out of a blowoff tube? I tried starsan and pbw soaks. I tried bleach solution soaks too and nothing seems to work. I realize that it’s strictly aesthetic, but it looks like hell to shove a yellow tube into a pristine carboy.

I wouldn’t stress out about a discolored tube. I have a five foot beer line that is stained an orange, brown-ish color from Imperial Stouts and a Pumpkin Ale I made a while back. It looks funny, but its clean. I think it adds character to my brew equipment.

No matter how pristine your carboy is it won’t look nice shooting globs of foaming yeast out of any color tubing. It’s not like it’s a center piece on you kitchen table or anything so I just wouldn’t worry about it.

Seriously though, I’ve tried everything that you have with no success so I’ve given up. Just make sure it is clean and sanitary even if it doesn’t look it. If you’re super anal about this, tubing isn’t super expensive.

I agree with replacing it. Tubing is cheap.

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