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Cleaning blowoff from hose

My blowoff hose is 1/2" diameter and its about 3ft long. There is all sorts of dried krausen gunk inside and i can’t seem to get it all out by soaking. Any suggested methods for cleaning this out?

Hi Matt,

I myself am new to the homebrewing process so my advice may not be the best, but I recently had to clean my blowoff hose and this is how I did it. I used basic dish soap like for washing dishes in the kitchen and scrubbed the inside the best I could with the carboy brush that was included with my deluxe starter kit. I then filled my utility sink part of the way with hot water and submerged the hose the best I could so it had hot water in it and swished the water back and forth from one end of the hose to the other. I then rinsed the hose inside and out with plain water to get out all the soap.

That’s how I cleaned it. I’ll clean it lightly again before the next use and obviously sanitize it with some Star San. Hope that helps.

I would soak it and rig up something like the cleaner I had in my sax playing days. Basically a weighted string attached to a pad. Drop the the weight through the tube and pull. (Sax insides can get a bit gross) Something like this ... details&Q=

If you can find a bottle brush that fits the tubing, tie a piece of string to it and pull it through. After it’s been soaking in PBW/Oxiclean for 15 minutes.

+1 to Nighthawk for that idea!

If you have a gun store close by, there are lots of bore brushes, both copper bristle and cotton swab brushes. A rod they fit on is usually 36"- 40". It’s good for getting into small bores. Comes in everything from .22 cal through .45 cal.

I tie a terry cloth rag to a length of twine and pull it through several times. PBW can help too.

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