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Cleaning a sanke keg

I have 2 SANKE KEGS. :blah: I know how to remove the “spear”.
I have used OXYCLEAN to clean the insides of any grime (etc, etc).
I put the spear back in and charge with CO2 and pump it through my lines.
After that is done I rinse about 5 times with clean cold water.
Then I fill with (room temp) water and starsan. (sit for 10-30mins, some times hours).
Drain, and fill with beer…

is this right :?:
any and all advise accepted… no need to be nice…
I am a new guy… only been into making beer 1-2 years…
and preparing for my second keg… first one was a little soapy… but it was very slight.
I also detect a little apple flavor… (bacteria)… so I want this next one to be perfect…

Any special way to clean the “SPEAR”?

IIPA for my daughters wedding!
It needs to be perfect… :cheers:

Looks OK, but I would rinse with hot water, and run that through the lines. I do that with Sankes and Corneys.
Also, running StarSan through the line gets it into the spear. A small mirror and strong flashlight are handy for inspecting the top.
Hope it works out. :cheers:

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