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Cleaning A Keg With PBW

I always take a keg apart and clean it before I use it the next time. I have seen where some people just soak the dirty keg in PBW or like product then rinse & sanitize it. I was wondering how many of you guys & gals clean a keg that way?

Has anyone ever used Sun Oxygen brand cleaner for cleaning brewing equiptment? There seems to be no oder of any kind in it, plus it seemed cheap. I was thinking about mixing some TSP with it and giving it a try. If anyone has used this product would you let me know, and how much TSP you used with it, if you mixed TSP with it.


I clean my cornies by soaking it full of hot PBW for 30 minutes. I also dismantle the posts and hang them in the corny in a hop bag. I usually have several to clean so I will transfer the PBW to the next keg, etc.

Then I sanitize before use by filling it full of StarSan and transfering it to the next keg with CO2. This leaves the keg clean, sanitized, and full of pressurized CO2 so there’s no oxygen exposure.


I like to rinse the keg then soak in a hot PBW solution overnight followed by another hot rinse then add some starsan, purge with CO2 and pressurize to 30 psi for storage until the next racking.

No I don’t take the keg apart.

I also use the generic Oxy products mixed with TSP-free. You can use it straight also.

I use half a scoop of Oxyclean Free and let it soak for 24 hours. Do the same for my fermenters too. Works great.

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