Cleaning a carboy!

Hi guys probably a question that’s been asked before but I’m cleaning a
Carboy for second fermentation. Just wondering how much oxyclean you use in a 5 gallon carboy? I’m using 1 scoop? Thanks!

I’ll put maybe a little less than 1/4 cup, fill with warm water, and let it sit overnite works for me. Oxy’s pretty cheap, has always done the job. I"ve heard some complain that sometimes it leaves a film, but that goes away when you rinse with star san before your next beer fill.

Thank you for the help! :cheers:

Glass Carboy?

I don’t use much more than a tablespoon of PBW. About twice as much oxy when I use it. But I feel like Oxy leaves a light haze on the glass no matter how many times I rinse it. So i pretty much use PBW full time now. I do give the krauesen line a swipe or two with the 90 degree brush prior to the PBW soak overnight.

Plastic bubbler carboy? I tossed one because after 2 overnight soaks of PBW as above, it still had a krauesen ring…How do you guys clean them?

edit: didn’t use the brush on the bubbler.

Are you cleaning a carboy that sat for a month with gunk in it, or to clean off a fresh krausen ring?