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Cleaning a Burner?

How do you guys go about cleaning a Blichmann or Banjo style burner? My dumb self got water in mine (turned on the water while the filter wasnt hooked up). I used the shop vac to blow out as much as I could.

Mine got really shitty inside and the flame quality was going way down. I took a piece of broken off bicycle spoke and cleaned out each hole then soaked the whole burner part in PBW for a while then flushed with water. A TON of carbonized rusty stuff came out and it’s now working better than it has for along time. So I guess I recommend elbow grease…

Thanks for the advice…I’ll see if any of my neighbors leave their bikes outside tonight :twisted:

I would use a propane tourch to heat the outside of the burner to help evoporate any liquid that may be inside of the burner. Be careful using anything metal to clean the holes out, you don’t want to enlarge the openings in the burner or get someting stuck in a opening.

Good Luck,

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