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Cleaning a 20+ yr old carboy

While visiting the old man this weekend, he gave me an old glass carboy that’s been sitting in the attic (uncorked) for at least 20 years. Man he used to brew some God aweful beer :shock:

Besides dust and typical attic dirt and grime… it’s in solid shape, so I want to clean and use it. It’s got a very small diameter opening etc. I intend on star san’ing it this evening since I’m making a beer transfer to secondary anyway, so I’ll have a nice tub of sanitizer ready. Any other tips besides this route as well as brushing etc? I intend on repeating the process sanitation and brush process several times prior to any actual useage. Is it too old to chance it?
Thanks, Mike

Give it a good long soak in hot PBW or Oxiclean first (to break down any organics), rinse, inspect it with a bright light behind it and check for caked on goo and cracks, and if it looks good, sanitize it.

I’d definitely be using it. First clean it good by soaking with PBW, Oxiclean Free or bleach. A good soak with the stuff in hot water solution, maybe some brushing but don’t scratch, then triple rinse with warm water, then starsan. Don’t throw cold water in a really warm carboy of course.

Maybe his beer wasn’t so awful, you were probably a weenie back then.

Shade beat me so I say +1 but hate to delete my post.

+1 to all so far, if I may suggest an option along with the others…

hot water and a vinger/water soultion the low ph does a good job cleaning. Worked on mine llike a charm.

just a late echo: Oxyclean & inspect!

Thanks Gents! I cleaned it last night and it came out pretty nice. I’ll oxy the bastard and probably use all tips to ensure 100% sanitation! “Of course the addition of this carboy naturally increases the capacity of my brewing.” [as stated to my lovely wife].

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