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Clean new bottles or just sanitize?

Do I need to soak new bottles in pbw or just soak in starsan before filling?

Be safe. Clean them first then sanitize.


When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing don’t take short cuts. You’re just asking for issues.


Also, don’t buy new bottles.

Buy bottles of beer then reuse. Just make sure they’re pry-offs, you can’t cap a twist-off with a bell capper.

Clean the bottles by soaking in Oxyclean; this also removes most labels.
I usually soak overnight to remove labels, but 2-3 hours usually does the trick.

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I purchase new bottles when I enter competitions. I just rinse them with hot water and then soak them in star san. Never had any issues.

Some people like to gamble. Some people like insurance. Some people like cheap insurance. To each their own.

For me, if I was going to soak them in hot water I would likely add the little bit of PBW to ensure any microflora was removed and then I would sanitize.

Me would clean them. Rinse them. Than use pdw powder wash. Rinse. Dry. On bottle day starsan. Dont take shortcuts. Beter safe than no beer

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I always dip in 190- 200 degree water.

If Mueller brau was around, I’d have him show his vid… he had a tub with star san and ice and put his bottles in there… He’d pull them out, shake the solution off and bottle right then… I thought it was a good way… But, then I don’t bottle… Sneezles61

What does the ice do?

IIRC he was bottling kegged/carbonated beer. The chilled bottles keeps foaming down so the CO2 remains in the beer.

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Interesting. Good information if I ever try this.

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