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Clean Immersion Chiller

So what do you guys use to clean your copper immersion chiller?

Spray off with a hose. Maybe scrub the top portion if hops/foam are stuck on.

+1 to Nighthawk. Once in a while I will soak mine with PBW. Or if I am low on propane and need the tanks topped off,before I get them filled, I will boil the chiller in plain water for a few minutes.

Yup. Since the IC goes into the boil, provided there’s nothing blatantly nasty on it you don’t have to worry. I hose it off after a brew session, and just to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated I wipe it down with a wet paper towel before I drop it in on brewday.

I’d rather not get it shiny, this only means copper will leach in the next brew. Let it stay passivated.

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