Clean and sanitize in 1 step with One Step?

Hi everyone!

I use One Step powder to clean and sanitize my fermentation vessels and kegs. I rinse my kegs thoroughly before doing a One Step soak so there is actually very little gunk left to remove. Out of paranoia, I will soak a keg for 30 minutes with One Step, dump it out, then soak it for another 2-3 minutes with a fresh batch of One Step to sanitize. Is it necessary to do that second soak to sanitize? I should add that I’m refilling the keg immediately after cleaning it rather than cleaning kegs to store empty.


I believe it’s generally agreed that One Step should be rinsed which kind of negates it’s use as a sanitizer. It’s more of a cleaner anyway. I’ve always cleaned in whatever manner was necessary and I’ve gone to sanitizing with StarSan. Then there’s no question about it being properly sanitized.

It does say it can be used as a no rinse sanitizer, but I’ve seen some negative reviews when used as such.
Hard to go wrong with StarSan, IMO.

I’ve been using One Step to sanitize ever since I saw it mentioned on Northern Brewer TV/YouTube channel a couple of years ago and have not had any issues with contamination or off flavors. I do rinse away any residue I see. I figure I’m topping off my beer to 5 gallons using tap water that isn’t “sanitized”, so rinsing with that water isn’t doing any harm.

Anyway, I was just wondering if there’s any logical need to soak things twice as described above.

BTW, I like Starsan as well, just trying to watch costs and possible redundancies. :slight_smile:

I have used One Step for years. Started along time ago as a sanitizer and found out it is a great cleaner. Used to be the thinking is that the only reason it is not labeled a sanitizer is that they never got the government rating for it. That said I never rinsed it for fermentation but I have noticed that if you keep using a container, like a bucket, to sanitize equipment, it will build a chalky residue. I have never had a problem just using it for sanitation.

Now days I find Star San easier to use just for sanitation so the One Step gets used more for cleaning. I would not hesitate to use it again for sanitation though. Star San makes some of my vinyl tubing feel kind of a creepy soft if left for even a short time in it.