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Clarity Ferm vs. Celiac Disease

Do any of you have experience using Clarity Ferm to make a gluten-free-ish beer? If so, did it work?

I read this: … c-impaired

I’m inclined to believe Charlie Papazian, but I’ve heard rumors that it hasn’t worked for everyone.

My friend is gluten-intolerant, and I’d love to help her out, but I’d hate to convince her that it’s okay, only to have it backfire.

I have heard what you have on the subject.
But really, she is the one that would have to make the decision for herself, wether or not to try it.
Let her read up on the subject and make the decision, it is her health after all.
I think you would want to have her start small, drinking only 1oz. or so of beer, and work up from there.

Couldn’t you just brew a sorghum beer?

I could, but sorghum has a distinctive taste that I’m not a big fan of, and she’s been drinking ciders and sorghum beer for a while now, so I’m sure she’d prefer a barley-based beer, if possible.

Well, the results are in:

Clarity Ferm did not help my friend. She said she’s pretty sensitive, though, so maybe for the less sensitive, this is a better strategy.

On the other hand, Clarity Ferm does make for a very clear brew. I won’t be using it every time, but it’s easy to use (just dump in the vial before right before you pitch the yeast), and it works well.

What was the gravity of your beer and your dosage of the enzyme, if I may ask?

An alternative to sorghum syrup is brown rice syrup that Briess also makes. Roxanne Knott was interviewed on Basic Brewing Radio awhile back (scroll through their audio archive… I think it was last year), she is co-owner of High Gravity Brewing, a home brew shop in Tulsa and has Celiac disease. She has experimented with the brown rice syrup and liked the results much better than with sorghum. I think they carry it at their shop… at least I remember seeing it in their web store. I don’t know if other shops are carrying it… have not seen it at NB, B3 or Williams recently. You can also read a little bit about it on Briess website too.

Some links, scroll down to the May 5, 2011 show.

I don’t see it now searching NB’s store, but you might ask them if they would carry it.

Not to hijack, but please DO let our host know that you would buy Brown Rice syrup. I have, and if enough of us ask for it, they might stock it. I will second the recommendation of that BB podcast. Really made me want to try the rice syrup.

My son and Dad have Celiac. I don’t have it, but want to avoid gluten as much as I can. I use CF on all my beers for this reason.

I have brewed several beers now for a friend with celiac’s using clarity ferm with favorable results. My understanding is she is not very sensitive, but enough so that she has stopped drinking beer other than gluten free varieties…and my homebrew!..Each batch I have made I have also tested with a test from

About 1.045, give or take a couple points. I didn’t actually measure, but I made the Innkeeper extract kit.

I just used one vial for a five-gallon batch, like the instructions said.

I’ve seen brown rice syrup in the grocery store.

Hello all.
I am not sure I am in the correct area to post a few questions. I am planning on ordering a beer making kits. (any suggestions welcome)

I currently drink red bridge beer. (gluten free)

Ingrediants are as follows, water, fermented sorghum (sorghum corn syrup) hops, yeast.

I have never made beer, nor do I at this time have a kit to make beer. Does anyone have any suggestions on kits, and also on how to get close to this taste of beer?

I like beer, I drink lots of beer, alcohol content is not that important to me, redbridge is only 3.2% by weight and 4% by volume.

I just would like help on a kit to make it and any help whatsoever on how to achieve this same taste.
What is fermented sorghum (sorghum corn syrup)
Where can I buy this or how can I make it?

At this point I know nothing about making beer, but soon I will buy a beer making kit, I am asking for suggestions.

Is anyone planning on making gluten free beer and would ANYONE HELP ME OUT ON HOW TO MAKE IT?
I found a receipe on and it seems like something I would like to try. I have emailed and they wont get back to me, so I called today, they suggested “clarity” and also told me they are planning on doing a segment on gluten free beer. I know nothing about making beer but would really like to learn. I am ready to buy a beer kit, but would like a company that would help me with it as well. I talked to a fellow at today and he was about the most helpful person I have talked to thus far.

If someone wants to do a class on making beer, talked to boss man today and he is interested and he figured he could have a few people interested, I would not count on them, as…as…we are nearing a very busy time of the year on the farm. Any one have suggestions??? I want gluten free, and would like it to taste “NEAR” redbridge, but I want to learn to make beer. I have rolled my own smokes for nearly 10 years now, and made home made wine many times, I just put a ballon on a gallon jug though, but now its time to make beer.
Can anyone help???


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