Clarifying using Gelatin

I am wondering how to clarify with gelatin. I cannot find instructions on it process. Could you guys break it down so I don’t screw up my batches?

I haven’t used gelatin, but I can say that super-kleer KC works wonders for mead. If you don’t get the information you’re looking for about gelatin, I would highly recommend this product.

Ok, I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks.

I use 1/2 tsp per 5 gals. Put it in cold water for about an hour to allow it to bloom. Pop it in the microwave just long enough so it dissolves. Add it to your fermenter. It helps tremendously if you can cold crash it first so the beer is cold when you add it.

I haven’t racked it yet. Should I rack it before adding the gelatin? Or rack it after?

Sorry just realized I never responded. Where are you racking it to?

You can add gelatin to the keg without issue. For me, I add it to the fermenter because I would prefer to keep as much junk out of my kegs.

If your bottling add it at least 3 days before racking to your bottling bucket.

I’m racking to my secondary fermenter. It just finished a 4 week ferment. It’s nearly complete. It’s dry mead and my last batch wasn’t all that clear, so just trying to get it as clear as possible. It taste wonderful just a little bit more cloudy than I want it to be.

You might want to be more patient. Mead can take a long time to clear; for that matter, mead can take a long time with just about any part of the process. I wouldn’t expect it to actually be clear before the second or third racking, and at least three months after fermentation is done. But then again, it also depends a lot on what honey you started with, what kinds of additives you used, what yeast, etc, etc.

I’ve not used gelatin in mead, but it should work well. Follow Loopie’s process. But I would wait till after the second racking at least before adding any fining.

Ok, thank you. I now have a plan. Thanks for the advice.