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Clarifiers and hops

Rather than hijack a recent thread that touched on this topic with my own follow-up question, I’ll start a new thread.

Do clarifiers (gelatin, isinglass, super-kleer and others) added to a finished beer in the keg negatively impact hop flavors or aromas?

I’ve read some posts that state these products will “strip” hop aromas and flavors from the beer? True or not? If true, does this happen with some clarifying agents and not others?

I’ve not noticed any negative effects in my beers when using gelatin. I have used gelatin in 3 IPA’s and they were nice and hoppy after dry hopping and then adding gelatin.

I have been gel’n for the last 12-15 batches and have decided that I’m not going to gel my IPA’s anymore.

When I do that, I detect two problems:

  1. despite dry hopping in the keg AFTER gel’n, I have lost some of the hop kick… it’s just not a huge hop load like when I don’t gel… and
  2. I swear, I taste the gelatin. Weird, since I NEVER think I taste the gelatin on other beers like cream or nut ale. But, there is a sweetness there that I associate with the gelatin (I’m using the gelatin sold through NB, of course, not something from Kroger)

I’ve had these same two thoughts after every one of the IPA’s I’ve gel’d.

Having said that, I’m absolutely going to continue using the gelatin on other styles… it has helped quite a bit with clarity and the, uh, the yeasty farts.

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