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Citrus flavors

When brewing a Belgian White or Wit beer ( specifically if you are looking for a flavor similar to Blue Moon or Shock Top), what do you find contributes most to the citrus flavor? Coriander, orange peel, something else?

Both Coriander and orange zest or dried orange peel will contribute citrus flavors. I added both of those along with Grains of Paradise (peppery spice) to my Belgian Wit which is happily fermenting away as I type this.

I make NB wheat beer with crushed coriander and orange peel. It beats the pants off the commercial brands.

The orange peel provides a citrusy bitterness, the coriander brings a spicy/lemony flavor.


I have a witbier in the fermenter atm, it’s one of my favorites. I sure do hate to pound the coriander seeds in the mortar and pestle, anyone got a better idea for that?


I crush mine up in a coffee grinder that I only use for brewing.

Yeh, I had put Lemon, Lime, orange and coriander into the brew while I was brewing it but when I tasted the gravity reading I thought it needed some more orange flavor. I’m thinking of adding more dried orange zest when I keg…

I have a wit in primary too. The wife likes them more than I do.

Try late additions of Pacific Jade. Very nice fresh orange flavor.

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