Citric Acid & Potassium Metbisulfite - Barrel Safety

Hey all,

Recently acquired a used whiskey barrel, and want to keep it swelled and free of bugs until my RIS is ready to rack over. I filled it with a citric acid and potassium metabisulfite solution (in which I wish people would have emphasized strongly makes toxic gas when dissolved in hot water). For those who have not done this yet, make sure you make the solution outside while wearing safety gear, and not like my idiot-self inside with nothing on.

Problem is I do not have a bung. I am thinking of capping with aluminum foil and saran wrap.

Will aluminum and/or the saran wrap react with the solution? Is there a better option?


Not sure about the aluminum foil, plastic wrap would work, seems thats what the product you are using was shipped in…. Measure the opening and go to your hardware store see if they’ve a pvc cap or plug? How about a hole saw and make one? Sneezles61 :roll: