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Citra SMaSH Recipe Design

Hey Guys,

Planning on brewing a Citra smash this weekend. Ive been researching but it seems like everyone has different hop schedules. Ive been reading that I should do a 60 minute bittering addition with a seperate hop.

I plan on doing a 6 gallon brew with about 13-14 pounds of marris otter.

Can someone provide me with a good late hop schedule for citra? For the bittering addition, can I use a single ounce of simcoe? Or should I choose a different hop?

Thanks guys!

You could use Simcoe or any other high AA clean bittering hop like cluster or magnum would work as well but technically speaking it would no longer be a SMASH beer if your flavor and aroma hops are Citra. Just sayin…

The amount you use would depend on how bitter you want the finished beer to be. An ounce of 13% simcoe at 60 minutes would put you at 40 IBU.

You’ll get all kinds of theories about the additional hops schedule. Again it depends on what you’re going for, a pucker your mouth bitter IPA or APA/IPA flavor aroma bomb.

I lean toward a nice bitter base with lots of late hops for flavor and aroma. So I do a 60 minute addition for bittering to 25-30 IBU with the rest bursted over the last 5-10 minutes, whirlpool and dry hopping for extra aroma.

Thats my question, is what amount within the last 5-10 minutes? 2-4 oz?

Sure. Example, my favorite IPA gets bittered as described above with magnum then an ounce of centennial at 10 and 5, 1 oz whirlpooled below 180F for 20 minutes and an ounce dry hop.

Single Malt And Single Hop = SMASH


Aight, thanks for the info. Ill just wing it and see how it goes haha, thanks!

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Sounds like a plan…sorta…

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I did a Citra SMaSH a while back - came across PseudoSue after brewing the batch, but before bottling the batch. This may be worth your time: Toppling Goliath pseudoSue - Can you clone it?

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