Citra leaf available!

If you need or want any get them before they are gone. ... aleaf1.htm

Cheers !

Some good pricing there, especially on the pellets - think I saw $8 Columbus for instance.

Great pricing, and low flat-rate shipping. I just went to buy 8oz of the Citra leaf and ended up buying another 12 ounces of various other hops along with it. Cost less than 35 bucks (shipping included) for 20 ounces of hops. Customer service is excellent as well.

After buying some Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial from Fresh Hops, my wife would not be happy if I took up more freezer space with more hops. It is very tempting though.

Oh come on…there is more room…I bought a pound of each of these , simcoe, centennial, amarillo, cascade and chinook. Of course I’m not getting any either…Kind of waiting on the pellets.

You think your not gettin any? My wife is 8 mnths pregnant and 3 pinlock kegs, some wheat extract, and 3pnds of hop pellets just showed up on my doorstep… :mrgreen:

2 more pounds headed my way!!! 8)