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Citra IPA Hop Bill

I am brewing a (mostly) Citra IPA this weekend and am looking for some input on my hop bill/schedule. This will be partial mash, all hops are pellets:

0.5lbs 2-Row
0.5lbs Munich Malt
0.5lbs Crystal 40L
7.0lbs Extra Pale DME

0.5oz Magnum 60 mins
0.5oz Citra 20 mins
0.5oz Citra 15 mins
1.0oz Citra 10 mins
1.0oz Citra 5 mins
1.0oz Citra Dry Hop 7 days

Wyeast 1056

I have an ounce of FF 7 C’s and an ounce of Sorachi Ace laying around as well. I am not committed to ONLY Citra. Would it be worth it to dry hop with an ounce of one of these two as well? Maybe with something really cool that I don’t even know about? My LHBS has a great variety of hops so most varieties are fair game for me.

All input is appreciated fellas! :cheers:

Looks great to me. This will definitely give you Citra character.

I personally would save the FF for another brew, but if you wanted to use them for another level of hop character I would split 1/2o @ 5 minutes (with the Citra) and 1/2o for dry hop.

looks great. Realize that with the munich and 2-row, you’ll have to do a mini-mash rather than just a regular steep. This is as simple as a controlled steep at 150F with 2 quarts of water.

Thanks guys. I think I will roll with the all (mostly) Citra version I have posted. Save the FF & S. Ace for another brew day. I will def. be doing a partial/mini mash. I have done them with my last two brews and it has been very simple and they both turned out great.

I appreciate the input!

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