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Citra addion to cream ale

Hello All,

Am a new brewer. have a few extract batches under my belt. I recently ordered the NB cream ale extract kit. In looking over the comments, I see several people who modify the recipe slightly and some that like it, but think it may be a bit thin.

Am thinking of adding .25 of flaked rice and .25 of flaked corn as one person did to add some body.

Would also like to add some aroma hops. Would Citra be a decent addition, say at 10 minutes left in the boil ? If so, how much is usually added for these types of applications ?

Thanks all-


you would have to mash the flaked corn and/or flaked rice. So I would avoid doing those, since I would find in silly to partial mash 1/4 #.

you would get flavor from the citra at the 10 min mark. It you want to use them at them 2min or even better flameout.

Not only would it be silly to mash 1/2 lb of flaked rice/corn, it will NOT add body. Rice/corn is added to LIGHTEN the body while maintaining the ABV of a beer.

If you want more body steep some carapils or add some maltodextrine. This may add a little sweetness though.

I’m admittedly not a huge fan of cream ales, but this one was my best extract beer I have ever made. You could add a bit of flaked corn or rice if you want to make it a true Cream ale. But making it into a mini mash would be a bit more work than it’s worth.

6 lbs Organic light LME
8 oz Carahell
8 oz Victory
1/2 oz Citra @60 minutes
1/2 oz Citra @0 minutes

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