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Cinnemon wheat?

Anyone ever add cinnamon to a wheat beer before ?

Not wheat beer but a darker Christmas beer. Are you envisioning a pale-colored beer or a dark wheat? Either way, when I added it, I did it in two steps to create some ‘flavor layers’. When the boil was over, I added some (say 1 tbsp.) to the brewpot, turned off the flame and put the lid on it and steeped the cinnamon for 10-15 minutes. Then let primary do its thing… some of the cinnamon flavor will get scrubbed out in the primary. Then prepare a small amount of cinnamon (maybe 1 tsp… you would have to experiment) and add it to something like vodka in a small bowl you can cover. Mix that up the day before you move the beer out of primary. Get the cinnamon & vodka mixed up well and then pour it into a secondary and rack the beer on top and leave it in there for a good two weeks. The first shot of cinnamon added to the kettle will be in the background and the later shot of cinnamon will have a fresher and more aromatic character. I do the same thing on my spiced pumpkin ale and my Christmas beer is cinnamon (as I described) and also some vanilla extract. Good luck.

I’ve done a cinnamon porter already and liked it. I saw a recipe for a cinnamon -orange wheat and it got me wondering if anyone has tried it. And how was it ? . In the porter I used cinnamon sticks in the boil close to flame out and really liked the results.

It took me awhile to find and thought it was a wheat beer by Shock Top at first but turns out to be a Rice beer by Blue Moon
. This beer was awesome and actually made me want to think of making a cinnamon wheat or something similar. It’s only in their Fall Sampler
so maybe you can find a box.

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