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Cini-raison-nut-brown ale

What is the best way to get a raison flavor into an ale. the cinnamon is easy…tincture or end of boil addition. I thought I might take 1-1.5lbs of raisons, freeze then thaw them, muddle them and add to secondary. I guess my question is how much raison flavor will this add? will it all just ferment out and leave little flavor? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance…Prost!!!

Crystal 120 or special b gives a raisin flavor.

I don’t have a lhbstore anywhere near me, and I’m going to try to avoid a shipping charge for a small amount of specialty grain (although I’ll pick some up with my next order!). Would adding raison to secondary impart a raison flavor?


Wish I could help but I’ve never used raisin before. I’m sure it will add flavor but not sure how much is needed or how fermentation will effect the flavor. ... ic=12448.0

This might give you some ideas.



Thanks!!! Just the link I needed.


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