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Cigar City Jai-Alai White Oak IPA

I was at a homebrew class a few weeks ago, and they gave out samples of this, which is supposedly VERY hard to get. Then I got lucky and found it at a local bar, but I only got one before the keg kicked. It may be the best I’ve had. The white oak barrel aging gives it this vanilla edge on top of the usual IPA taste…really amazing. I wonder if there’s a good (i.e. easy) way to mimic this flavor in homebrew…

I’ve had the regular Jai-Alai several times. Great beer! I’d love to try the oaked version. I now have a mission. That you, sir!

If you can find it, you won’t regret it!

[quote=“bureau13”]If you can find it, you won’t regret it!

Found a distributor about 30-35 miles from me. I have family that live much closer, maybe 5-10 miles. I should be able to get one of them to swing by for me. Only problem, only shows cases at this distributor, so I’ll have to call and see if they break them. It’s in PA which has all kinds of weird alcohol laws.

I’ve also had this recently, it comes in cans here…both this and the regular Jai-Alai are superb IPAs; I wonder if anyone has tried to clone them for Home brewing??

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