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Cider with lager yeast

After doing my second cider batch at 75 to 77 I want to try doing a batch in an unused refrigerator’s least cold setting. Has anyone tried fermenting at a lower temp? Can I use lager yeast?

I’ve never used a lager yeast in Cider.
Denny’s comments about Mead Yeast at Tasty Brew

I’ve seen a lot of people recommending lager yeasts for cider, especially on this forum.

Yeast Selection for Cider in Cananda
Lager Yeast Works

Denny talks about his favorite yeasts: WY4766 or WY4184.

I have a cider-hybrid going right now using WLP810. I’m hoping to keep the temps in the upper 50’s.

Depending on what yeast you are using currently, I’d just try a batch using that at a lower temp range to see what differences you achieve first. (low 60’s instead of 75-77)

If you are using a wine yeast, this might not be possible. I use nottingham and I’ve heard it produces some “hot” alcohols at temps above 75. I’ve never used it above about 68 before, but I think it says you can ferment down to upper 50’s with it.

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