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Cider (or better apfelwein) Question

So I am going more for a German Apfelwein than an English cider.

I started with 5 gallons and added 6 cubs of Sugar in the primary fermentation. Now 3 week later I have a gravity of 1 and a pretty nice dry product with a good alcohol content. The wine is still a bit cloudy but that is natural, the clear ones at home (Germany) are usually filtered.

So I got 2 Qs

Should I let it go a bit longer, still some foam and bubbles in the carboy, and about 1 bubbel ever 4-5 min in the air lock. I had it fermenting at 66 F, should I move it up to the house about 75F for a day or so?

how much sugar do I need to add to the 5 Gallons to get a medium fizz after bottling, and how long do I let the fermentation go before stopping it by pasteurizing?

Check the gravity twice, a few days apart. If it stays constant, you’re done. I’d leave it another week, to make sure the yeast have a chance to clean up after themselves. Add sugar using the priming calculator on our host’s website (if you want it to be dry and sparkling). If you want it to be sweeter than it is now, add sugar until it’s the sweetness you want, then add the appropriate amount of priming sugar. Try a bottle every couple of days until it’s gotten back to how dry you want, then pasteurize the bottles.

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