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Cider Not Carbonating

My first batch of cider is not carbonating, any reason why? Actually they have very very few bubbles, rather flat.

I used one Northern Brewer carb tab for each 12 oz bottle.
The gravity reading was 1.00
2nd fermentation for about 3 weeks
They were bottled three weeks ago

Do i just need to give it more time, the beer that i bottled same day carbonated just fine. They are being stored in my basement.

Should i just use dextrose to carb, add yeast or yeast nutrient prior to bottling?

PS: i’ve been reading a bit more of this forum and should note that when i reracked for 2ndary fermentation i did not add any additional sugars, just let it sit as it minus the lees.

I have three other 1 gallon batches that i wanted to bottle today, including a perry and a cranberry that have been in 2ndary for at least three weeks with no additional sugars.


I would bring it upstairs to the warmest part of your house for 2 weeks.

Cider takes a longer time to carbonate than beer. Probably just needs another couple of weeks. Keeping it warm 70-80 F until it is fully carbonated is a good idea.

Thanks for the info - didn’t know it still needed to be at room temperature once bottled. I’ll give it a try!

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