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Cider Newbie

Hello, new to the forum and new to making cider…well everything. I have a batch 5gal. batch going in my 6gal glass carboy. I used 3lbs of brown sugar and 3lbs of the orange blossom honey. I then pitchd when cooled to about 70 2 packs of Lalvin EC-1118. SG when I started was 1.086. I checked it today(2 weeks in) and its 1.080. The temp. is a pretty constant 60. Is this normal or just slow because it is cooler.

So did you heat the cider to pasteurize? This might have robbed the yeast of oxygen. It will ferment out fine, it will just take a couple extra weeks compared to normal. If you remain patient, you will be rewarded in a couple months.

Well, it was store bought pasteurized cider as I have no where close to get fresh cider from. It looks good and the airlock is bubbling. I was just nervous as this was my first time!

Seems pretty slow to me. Did you rehydrate? Lalvin likes to be rehydrated at about 100°F, and ferments well in the low 70’s. You might agitate your fermenter for a minute and try raising the temp to 70°F. Just my 2 cents.

With as much fermentable sugar that you’ve added it should have dropped considerably more than that in two weeks. Do you think you might have taking the OG incorrectly? Maybe the honey wasn’t in suspension and the OG was a lot lower than it should have been?

You mentioned it was bubbling, but the gravity isn’t dropping…it sounds like it might be working just fine in there. I would give it another couple of weeks and take another reading.

I very well may have taken the OG wrong. This is my first time. The funny thing is I have another smaller batch with apple juice going right next to it and for that I used white labs champagne yeast and that has dropped a good amount in two weeks. I wreckin I’ll be patient and see what happens in the next week or two.

I’m sure it’ll be fine snowman. Let us know how it goes.

So its been awhile. Shortly after I posted I moved both batches up from the basment. The temp. raised to 68. It started fermenting quite violantly. I just finished bottleing the first batch and Im cont. to rack the 5gal. batch. Just thought Id post up an update!

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