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Cider guidance?

So heres the scoop. After getting my 5 gal of cider fermenting finally, and letting it set for about three weeks, i racked it to a secondary on sunday. OG was 1.055 (if i remember correctly) and now it is at 1.000. I threw in two cinnamon sticks and a tsp of crushed nutmeg to the carboy with it.
Should i have done something different with the sticks/ nutmeg? After reading some posts on another fourm i am feeling like i should have done something with this from the begining.
Also, i plan to keg this cider and i have read that alot of you guys using frozen apple juice concentrate. Just wondering roughly how many cans to use?
Last night i started another 5 gal batch with the saved s-04 from the previous batch, so if anything should/ could be altered now would be the time.
Thanks in advance

oh and when should i add potassium sorbate?

Its hard to tell someone how sweet they like something. Stabilize, add a can, try it, if not sweet enough add another. 1-2 cans would be my advice.

You can add the stabilizer any time after it has finished.

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