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Cider fermenting question

I started a batch of the Cider House Select Wild Berry Cider. Just curious if anyone has tried/used this and then what is the frequency of bubbles/blowoff during fermentation. I started Wednesday afternoon, now Friday and no visible fermentation with bubbles. Thanks in advance!

What yeast did you use? What temp did you pitch at? What temp is it now?

The cider yeast that came with the package, sorry don’t know the name. It was about 70-72 when I pitched and probably around 65-66 right now. It has a yeast smell and bubble cap on top, just nothing active yet.

What do you mean by bubble cap.? Do you mean you see the Krausen layer? If so and you are fermenting in a bucket it is common for the bucket not to seal 100% and the bubbler not to be active as a result

Probably yes the Krausen layer, fermenting in a bucket. I typically use a big mouth bubbler but I don’t think it has enough room, so I bought a bucket.

My ciders have all fermented with very small bubbles…no krausen…surface almost looks like pop thats been poured in a glass.

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