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Cider color?

well my first cider finally slowed a bit in fermentation, and i was just curious about the color it should be? i have 5 gallons fermented with (which ended up being) 2 packets of S-04 dry yeast. the color is a really light brown/ yellow. is this normal or do i have a bad situation at hand?

Totally normal. Cider can range in color from straw yellow to orange to medium brown. It has to do with the varieties of apples used, how susceptible they are to oxidation, and how much time exposed to oxygen before fermentation took off (after fermentation begins, the yeast quickly consumes all the oxygen). Color is also impacted by suspended solids, including microscopic chunks of apples, yeast cells, pectin, etc. A hazy cider with a lot of solids will often change color lighter or darker after the solids settle out with age.

For what it’s worth, all my ciders look cloudy and brown in the fermenter, but turn out fairly clear and a pleasant yellow color in the bottles and when poured into a glass.

No worries.

+1 to Daves advice. Sounds perfectly normal.
The variety plays a good part in the color. IME Kingston Blk has an almost reddish hue. Excessive browning can be caused by not adding campden and pectic enzyme to fresh pressed juice quickly after pressing.

well that is good to hear. so i just wait and let it do its thing. i dont know why i always get a little concerned over these things. haven’t had a bad batch yet. im really hoping to snag another 5 gallons of cider before the school farm i got it from is out, for the season. thanks for the input gentlemen

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